Errors handling

In case of successful call we usually send a response with 200 HTTP status code.
If for some reason an error has happened we will send a response with HTTP status code 400 or higher.

List of Error Codes




General Errors
10 Server error.
11 Temporary error. Please retry later or contact us {email} if error persists.
12 Access denied
13 Invalid request format. One or more of the parameters supplied for the requested method are invalid. (Example: string provided instead of number, etc.). The parameters with the wrong value will be provided in the message in the format: The value supplied for parameter '{0}' is invalid.
File api errors
50 Currently only Stl files are supported.
51 File is too big. File was not saved.
52 File was not found or you are not the owner of the file. File id {file id}
53 File Content is empty
54 Chunk is too big
55 Chunked upload commit error. See details in error message.
56 Chunk is empty
57 File with id {id} already exists. If you try to upload a chunk or commit a chunked upload using a file id of an existing file (of either a regular file upload or a committed chunked upload), you’ll receive this error to prevent from corrupting an existing file.
General Subscription related errors
60 User subscription has expired.
61 Reached limit of upload operations for this subscription.
General Operations related errors
70 Operation request failed. In case there is no concrete error API raises this error
71 Operation was not found or you are not the owner of the operation. Operation id {id}.
72 A timeout occurred while processing your file. Your file may be too big or complex.
73 Operation with {0} has not been finished yet.
74 The operation has failed for unknown reasons. The operation has failed with an unhandled error. Retry the operation or contact us for details.
Conversion Operations specific errors
200 Unsupported Measurement units
201 An error has occured while trying to convert your model. It may be too large or it may not be a valid 3D model. Possible causes include: the model is too large (contains more than 5 million triangles), the file doesn’t contain a 3D model, but a 2D image/texture.
202 Your file doesn't seem to contain a valid 3D model. Please, check your file, it might be corrupt or unsupported. Usually means the file didn’t contain any recognized geometries, for example if the file is corrupt or has an invalid format.
Wall Thickness Analysis Operation specific errors
300 Wrong minimal wall thickness. Value should be not less than 0.1 mm. but not more than 20 mm.
301 Wrong accuracy wall thickness value. Value should be only one of predefined value values (see Wall Thickness Analysis Operation)
302 The model is too big. Please scale it down. One of the model dimensions is too big. Scale it down. Dimension size should not exceed 500 mm.
Scaling Operation specific errors
400 Scale value is not in appropriate range. Value should in range 0.01 – 10000
401 Axis is incorrect. Value should be only one of predefined value values (X, Y, Z)
Generate Thumbnail Operation specific errors
500 Wrong thumbnail size. The width and height should be not less than 10 px. but not more than 10000 px.
501 Wrong camera angle. Value should be in range from -180 to 180 degree.
Shrinkwrap Repair Operation specific errors
600 Accuracy level is incorrect. Value should be Rough, Smooth or Detailed.
Reduce Triangles Operation specific errors
700 The parameter Accuracy (mm) is invalid: expecting a floating point value between 0 and 10 mm. The value should be a floating point number between 0 and 10.
701 The parameter Max Angle is invalid: expecting a value between 0 and 90. The value should be an integer number between 0 and 90.
702 The parameter Number of Iterations is invalid: expecting a value between 1 and 1000. The value should be an integer number between 1 and 1000.
Hollowing Operation specific errors
800 The parameter Wall Thickness is invalid: expecting floating point values between 1 and 20. The value should be a floating point number between 1 and 20 (inclusive).
Export Operation specific errors
900 Export file format is not supported. File format {0}